7 July 2015


It always surprises me when I come across a photo of the house as we originally saw it...
above is the garden beside the conservatory as it looks now and below is a photo taken on the day we moved into the house.

Quite a few changes have been made since that day!

The original porch (built in the 70's) has been demolished and a new one rebuilt with the door positioned in the middle and windows at the side. 
The trellis has been taken down. Luckily, the honeysuckle growing up it survived its move and is happy in its new position. 
Patio and steps up to the conservatory have been replaced with York stone.  
The horrible crumbly brick path that went around the conservatory, has been turfed with grass. 
The conservatory has had a complete re-vamp (you can read about it here). 
All windows have been replaced and updated. 
One of the main improvements to the look of the garden, is the very tired, worn concrete paths have had gravel added.  It helps soften the area plus neatens everything up.

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