23 May 2014


Nearing the end of their growing season but still very beautiful, Cow Parsley picked from our orchard.

Picking from nature is the easiest and best way to decorate with. Popped in a glass vase and placed on the dining room table.

13 May 2014


I'm missing my son.... we packed up his 'birthday box' and posted it off to Nepal today. It'll take 4 weeks to get to him. 

He's living in a remote area in Western Nepal, helping to teach English to the children there. It's a fantastic, life changing experience for him but very different to the one he's left at home. 


I wonder if he misses his bedroom? I go into his room daily to open and close the blind at his window.  

When we first moved into this house, his room had an old blue carpet, maroon coloured sink in the corner and the fireplace boarded up.  When renovations started, the carpet was taken up and sold, the sink stripped out and the fireplace opened up.  We had a wooden fire surround made to fit the hole, then painted it.  The floor boards were sanded and painted also.  His two wooden beds were painted in Farrow & Ball Charleston Gray. We didn't put up shelves for his expanding library, instead piled the books up in the fireplace. The little fishing chair, he has had since a child and was found at a local car boot sale.  

12 May 2014


Love, love, love.........want, want, want..........this worktop in our kitchen.

Photo via Aesthetically thinking