28 April 2014


We daily get closer and closer to making decisions on the renovations of our kitchen. We're back to thinking that rough wood on the drawers would be best. 

Below are the inspirational photos that have helped us with this judgment.


All images and credits found on Pinterest.

18 April 2014



Our magnolia tree is loving the April sun that we're having at the moment . It's in full bloom and so beautiful.  

Have a very happy Easter!

15 April 2014


Still pondering over ideas for our kitchen renovations.  

Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration.  We're narrowing our searches and these are our latest thoughts...

 (photo from Lei living)
(above) Chosen for floating shelves, white walls, natural work surface and cooker hood.

 (photo from Maisonbelle)
(above) White drawers and natural wooden bits and pieces.

 (photo from Remodelista)
(above) Love the island.

  (photo from Stylizimo)
(above) Matt white drawers and natural unpolished granite work surface.

 (photo from Lightlocations)
(above) Flooring, stools and island.

  (photo from Remodelista)
(above) Island with stools - I'm slowly loosing the battle over no stools at an island but then having said that, I do like this look - so maybe I can be convinced we should have them?

  (photo from Aga)
This is the kitchen that we initially liked. Still love the deep drawers but now not sure about the wood effect - latest thinking is that white drawers would be better and possibly more practical.  What do you think?