25 October 2016


 Autumn has definitely arrived.

The nights are getting darker, 
we're noticing colder weather and the leaves are changing colour
from green to rusts, to yellows, and oranges.

 The leaves are beginning to drop in the orchard,

and in the garden by the house. 

Autumn evidence from the kitchen window.
We've harvested herbs that grow in the vegetable garden.....
rosemary, sage, thyme and marjoram.
They're hung upside down to dry, afterwards stored for use throughout the winter season. 

And look there's two pumpkins!
Undecided yet, they'll either be put outside for Halloween night 
or made into a pumpkin pie.

17 October 2016


It's been a while since I've written here, 
so thought it might be good to come back with a look at our homegrown tomatoes.  
Yes they are green!!!! and yes they are on the window sill ripening....

but look there's one that is red...

and we're positive that with the lovely sunshine that we're experiencing, 
they'll all be red soon.
Can't wait to eat them!!!