29 January 2014


I'm a big fan of Paul Massey's restoration and renovations projects.  His style is a bit shabby chic mixed with a muted restrained palette, lots of white, soft browns and grey. It's a combination of aged vintage pieces softened by crisp white... something that I would like to achieve for our house.

The photos below are not from houses that Paul has renovated (well I don't think so) but are very much 'in keeping' with his style.  It is a style that I would like to draw inspiration from for our kitchen/utility room especially the bottom left image.  White walls, grey cabinets, shelves and white Aga....gorgeous.

27 January 2014


With thoughts of 'doing up' our kitchen and utility room this year, my eyes and mind are drawn to inspiration for it.  

This kitchen is one of those that I am inspired by.  It's from the serial house renovator and photographer Paul Massey's home in Primrose Hill.  His philosophy of restoring, repairing and renovating a building is in keeping with ours.  I much admire his taste and skills.

23 January 2014


The word January comes form the Latin word 'door' hence January is the door to the New Year.
Some say that January is the worst month in the year - short days, grey clouds, cold weather, endless penny pinching after the Christmas festivities and generally made worse by that 'stuck in doors' feeling - cabin fever!!!

Of course, it does help if your birthday is in January.... at least there's something to look forward too. I've been spoilt this year... 

A blank white book which I will use as a diary/notebook to remember all our days whilst my son is in Nepal.  I'm hoping when he returns, he'll be interested enough to read it.

The sweetest card ever with a photo of Walter (our family dog) taken by my daughter. 


and lastly new wellies to aid with lots of dog walking across muddy fields. Time that will also be spent preparing for new projects on the house. They'll be no cabin fever at The Manor House!!!

14 January 2014


The final day is drawing closer. We've been a bit preoccupied this early part of the year with the departure of our son to Nepal.  It's tomorrow that he leaves.....one more 'sleep', then we head off to Heathrow airport to say our goodbyes.

He'll be travelling to a remote village near Burtibang on the Western side of Nepal to help teach school children how to speak English.  This has all been possible with the help of Educational Volunteering Charity, Project Trust

All his luggage is laid out on the spare room bed waiting to be folded neatly into his rucksack. He'll return in 7 months - probably the longest 7 months I'll ever experience - with such a fantastic experience behind him.  We'll have to busy ourselves in his absence to make time pass quickly. The kitchen/utility room renovation and restoration is our next challenge.  Maybe it could be finished before he returns.