10 July 2013


We're working on renovating and updating our conservatory.  Here are some inspirational photos of how we'd like it to look.....

(above) Photos thanks to Alitex

(below) These were taken at Chelsea Flower show.... even a greenhouse can be a source of inspiration.  Love the paint colour.

(below) The shade of paint used on this greenhouse works well with the dark grey of the wall beside it.  Just had a flash of inspiration.....maybe we should over-dye the sofa cover that will be used in our conservatory in a similar grey? 

(above) I like this one by Hampton Conservatories not necessarily for it's shape but again for it's colour.  It has a matt finish.  The box hedge works well too. 

We must update our existing window sills and add wooden ones, then paint them the same colour as the window frames and walls.