24 October 2013


The barn was used again at the weekend for another Charity Dog Walk.  Still raising funds for our son Alfie, who is hoping to leave for Nepal in January.  It was a great success, with very happy faces and excited dogs.

The barn was prepared with much sweeping of dust and leaves, table added with natural cotton very large painters dust sheet and some homemade wares provided by us.

With having such a bumper crop of plums and apples this year, we decided to make Victoria Plum Jam and Spicy Apple Chutney.  Jam jars were brought, labels designed, stuck on and lined up ready to be purchased.  (I will write about the makings of these soon).

(above) I love this table that was found in the barn and left by the previous owner.  It's very wobbly and rustic in the best possible way.  I've added some white paint here and there to clean it up a bit.  One day, I hope to find a place for it in the house.

Displayed above the jams and chutneys were bunches of herbs freshly picked from the vegetable garden. These include rosemary, sage, mint and marjoram.  I found an old more or less straight branch from the bonfire pile, added string either end and hung it onto two nails.  

On the opposite wall to where the food was, we hung Alfie's map that comes from his bedroom.  This was in case anybody didn't know where Nepal was!! 

If you would like to give a donation, please go to www.justgiving.com/alfie-flewitt. Thank you very much for your support.

8 October 2013


The arrival of Autumn has not only brought falling leaves, warmer tones and cooler weather but it's become the end for some of our growing vegetables.  Soon we will be able to pick the pumpkins and squash that were planted back in April. 

(above) a detail of fennel

(above) a detail of sage

 (above) thyme in pots that were left to us by the previous owner ... how lucky was that?

(above) you can just see the climbing runner beans on the support that Richard made from hazel nut tree clippings

(above) apples in the orchard.  We've had the best ever crop this year....something to do with lots of rain and sunshine. We're still picking them daily.  Apple chutney making is happening this week!

(above) fallen leaves from another apple tree in the orchard

2 October 2013


Conservatory details  - new glass replaced, wood repaired, new stone floor added and inside & outside repainted.

                                      (after)                                                   (before)

     (after)                                                                                                      (before)

      (after)                                                                                                      (before)

       (after)                                                                                                                              (before)

     (after)                                                                                                         (before)