20 December 2013


The holidays are nearly here and Christmas is a few days away so it seems only right to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy New Year. We'll be back in the New Year with more 'going-ons' from The Manor House.

11 December 2013


Oh I love, love, love these simple Christmas trees - some might say plain but to me there is no fuss, no tinsel, no baubles, just tree...and very natural.

Photos found on my Pinterest Christmas boards

10 December 2013


The festive season is fast approaching and Christmas decorations are on my mind.

Just loving this tray of candles, trees made out of black card and walnuts. 

Great idea for a centre-piece on the table.
Photo with thanks to Abigail Ahern

6 December 2013


When we walk into the dining room, there is a smell of Christmas.

The aroma of spicy orange, cinnamon, cloves and cones.  It is coming from a wooden bowl on the table filled with Winter pot pourri.

5 December 2013


It's amazing what a difference a day can make...

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny December day in contrast with today's strong winds, severe gales and UK weather warnings.

Leaves and trees in our garden, blowing side ways in the wind.

4 December 2013


The sun has been shining today and has cast a wonderful light over the main bathroom.  


 2 years ago, almost to the day, our bathroom looked like this.....

(above - before) The main bathroom when we moved in. Taken with my back to the window looking towards the hall. 

(above - before) Opposite view, taken with my back to the door into the hall, facing the window. 

(above - before) With carpet, wallpaper and radiator removed. We choose to keep the original airing cupboard that holds the water tank. The door into the hall is open into the bathroom.  This was sanded, repaired and repainted as well.

(above - before) New wooden window in place. Old tiles and bath removed.  Plumbing set out in position for new bath and toilet.

(above - before) Back wall and window surround newly plastered and waiting to dry.  The new tiles laid out on the floor.

 (above) The bathroom finished with bath re-positioned, shower installed and curtain added. We chose Timeless matt emulsion for the walls.