21 June 2013


We've updated our table in the dining room.  This is it's christening - a weekend breakfast...

We chose a reclaimed teak table from Emily Readett-Bailey.  The teak comes from disused bridges in Java. It's very sturdy and will withstand a hardy family using it daily.  

We'll need to get some new chairs, as the ones we've been using are for the garden along with a couple from the local auction.  I'm thinking - high back with linen covers for the new ones.  

3 June 2013


One of the main reasons we bought The Manor House was because it had a barn. We had hoped to renovate and convert this one day into our work space.

I often dream of what this space would look like.  I found these photos of a stable block in Hampshire, UK, converted by A R Design, into a 3 bedroom- family home. It has the look and feel of what we would like our barn to eventually be like.



Our barn would need to double-up as a work space for us and a living space for guests.  The idea of preserving the original features while making new additions simple and contemporary would be our goal.  A polished concrete floor, white walls and beams would be the starting point.

Photos by Martin Gardner