26 April 2013


It's surprising, how just a little bit of yellow cheers a room up...

All the flowers were picked from our garden today ... after such an awful Winter, it is lovely to know that Spring is here at last!!!

25 April 2013


Last night, Richard decided to sow his vegetable and herbs seeds.  He needed labels to show him 'what was what'.  

Clever Jemima, quickly designed these....  

They are so gorgeous to look at and very practical as well.  The seeds which include courgettes, aubergine, parsley, carrots, have been 'started off' in the greenhouse and will be planted into the vegetable patch soon.


24 April 2013



Updated photo of the front of the house

We still have a lot more to do before it's finished....windows, roof, porch and conservatory all need restoring, then hopefully we can sit back and relax.

19 April 2013


The Agents photo of the lounge as we found it back in Spring 2008...

The lounge (or drawing room) sits at the front of the house in the Regency part, hence the high ceilings, cornice and large deep sash window.  It over looks the front garden and beyond to the church. Twin French doors lead to the conservatory.

(before/above) A leak from outside had caused severe damage to the large deep skirting boards and window surround.  A local carpenter managed to copy the existing woodwork and replace with new.

(before/above) All four walls were in a terrible state - cracked, lumpy and very bumpy.  Even though we wanted to keep as much of the house as original as possible, it simply wouldn't have worked to just paint them.  We made the decision to have all the walls re-skimmed and re-paint.

(before/above) We took down the book case (at the right-hand-side), so that the fireplace would be the focal point of the room. The original fire surround was in excellent condition, simply painting it was all that was needed. The 70's Baxi burner was removed and the wood burner stove was added for extra warmth in the winter. (after/below)


(after/below) The window has secondary double glazing.....very ugly indeed.... in time we hope to restore all the sash windows.

Sanding, repairing, staining and varnishing floorboards; new radiators, updating the fireplace, skimmed walls and re-painting of the room.

10 April 2013


We've just got back from spending some quality time with my sister in France and whilst there I couldn't resist a local brocante.   These picture frames were bought for 5 Euros.....what a bargain!!! 

They'll need a bit of work doing to them but once filled, sanded and painted, they'll look great. 

At the moment, they're stood up against the dining room wall with some other antique wooden frames that we got whilst in Morocco.  I just need to find the correct prints to go inside them.... and the best place to hang them.....hopefully this won't take too long. 

3 April 2013


Converted former Baptist Church built in 1867, Providence Chapel in Chippenham, Wiltshire is up for sale with Frank Knight.


(above) A semi-derelict, Grade 11-listed building that the existing owners fell in love with it on first sight. Now renovated with an award winning extension, it is a playful yet calm and contemporary living space.  

(above) I love the mix of old and new.  Renovated without loosing the 'character' and 'bones' of the building. Painted white walls, wooden floors and contemporary kitchen all blend together in a Shaker-like simplicity.

(above) Master bedroom

(above) The bathroom features a floor-to-ceiling window and opens directly onto the garden

(above) The extension working together with the existing old building


2 April 2013


I'm sorry about this but please allow me this bit of self indulgence........ meet Walter!!!

I am not usually someone that likes photos of animals but I love this one of him.  

Walter is a miniature Schnauzer and 2 years old. He rests his head on the pine kitchen table (not very hygienic, I hear you say). We are looking towards the area that has been painted and updated.   If we were looking the other way, you would see a very old, worn and shabby kitchen that has yet to be worked on.  I will update this post over time, as we work on the kitchen. The stars are a new purchase from Cox and  Cox.