23 January 2014


The word January comes form the Latin word 'door' hence January is the door to the New Year.
Some say that January is the worst month in the year - short days, grey clouds, cold weather, endless penny pinching after the Christmas festivities and generally made worse by that 'stuck in doors' feeling - cabin fever!!!

Of course, it does help if your birthday is in January.... at least there's something to look forward too. I've been spoilt this year... 

A blank white book which I will use as a diary/notebook to remember all our days whilst my son is in Nepal.  I'm hoping when he returns, he'll be interested enough to read it.

The sweetest card ever with a photo of Walter (our family dog) taken by my daughter. 


and lastly new wellies to aid with lots of dog walking across muddy fields. Time that will also be spent preparing for new projects on the house. They'll be no cabin fever at The Manor House!!!

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