3 July 2015


We are so lucky to have beautiful and interesting views from each of our windows.
Take this one above...it's from the hall landing looking across at our neighbour's field.
The sun is setting after a warm summers evening, the grass has been cut
and bundled into hay bales. Is there anything more lovely to look at?
We look out of this window every morning as we walk down the stairs to the hall below.
Each day, after several years of seeing it, it does not disappoint. 

The lounge (above) looks towards the church across the road.  
You may not be able to see it clearly in this photo, 
as the shrubs and trees against the wall are growing fast but beyond them you can just see the roof of the church.

Richard's office has a special view looking past the conservatory onto the garden. 
The purple Catmint is in full bloom, lush green grass and a Corkscrew Willow.

We are very lucky to have dual aspect windows in the kitchen, offering us two very different views to look at. 
The sink (above) looks out over our neighbour's drive (always immaculately kept).... 

and the opposite side has views of our garden which has lots of green trees, bushes and grass too.

Looking through the windows every day brings a happiness....
it offers a new image to see as the seasons come and go.

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