12 December 2016


Pantone have recently announced their 'Colour of the Year 2017'. 
It's called 'Greenery' (Pantone 15-0343).  

'A refreshing and revitalizing shade - symbolic of new beginnings - 
a fresh and zesty yellow-green that evokes the first days of spring.' 

I understand the sentiment behind this colour but large amounts of Pantone's 'Greenery' is not a colour for our house. The photo above has just enough green for my liking. In fact the recycled shelves, bottles and leaves look great 'but' and there's a big 'but' and that is - the photo is mainly filled with white with a little emphasis on green.

So this is the thing (well as I see it anyway)....this new colour for 2017, 
in order for us to embrace it, can only be used as a hi-light - mainly in the form of house plants then teamed with a lots and lots of white, which is the best colour in the world.
Funny as it is, I think we've got the balance correct in the spare room already!!

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