29 November 2016


Sometimes when the day is a bit dull because the weather is awful and the skies are full of much rain and I'm thinking I wish we were on holiday in a sunny part of the world.... it's then that I have a reality check and realise how lucky we are to live in this house, whatever the weather.  

We have achieved so much with our home. 
We bought it knowing that it needed updating and renovating

The room that I favour most, has to be the kitchen. 
It's a room that we all naturally gravitate towards, 
whether it be to sit and read a book or listen to music or to make and eat food.  
It has an advantage that it's always filled with natural light (even on the darkest of days) - north, south dual aspect windows  
enhanced by any light bouncing off the white painted walls.  


I like to remind myself of what the room looked like when we arrived......



It's changed a lot!!

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