27 February 2014


Spring is on its way - to be precise it's Thursday 20th March 2014 just 20 days 8 hours remaining til its here. We've been noticing a glimpse of it already; sunny days, flowers blooming, birds tweeting, and a gentle breeze. 

Today started off as one of these beautiful early spring mornings, 
then ..........

all of a sudden from nowhere comes a mass of hail stones......huge loud hail stones that make you stop what you're doing and look out of the window.  

The photo above is taken from the main bedroom that over looks the conservatory roof. 

The above photo is a detailed 'close up' of the large lumps of ice that now cover it and the garden.

Then as quickly as it arrived, it all stopped, the sun comes out and shines again!!!  
Isn't mother nature a versatile and wonderful thing?

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  1. I know, right? Hailstorms are troublesome and hazardous, particularly if you’re outside when it happens. The sounds these little hailstones make whenever they hit your roof are worrying enough, and they could leave some damage afterwards. It was a good thing it went away just as fast as it came, and that you still got to enjoy your beautiful spring morning. All the best!

    Terence Warner @ Brunwin Roofing