5 November 2013


We have a little pottery man in our garden that I found at the bottom of the compost heap under years and years of rubble and soil.

This is him front on. I believe he must have been made many years ago by one of the four children who lived in our house previous to us. They are all grown-up now with children of their own. I think he was thrown away and has been covered for a very long time.

This is him from the side.  There is something lovely about him.  He has a chubby tummy, big ears, dark bushy eyebrows and very short arms!! Not the best looking of pottery pieces but I kind of like him in a nostalgic way.

He now sits on one of the posts near the raspberry bushes next to the compost bins where he was found.  Here he can see us come and go through the orchard. This is his view....

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