20 November 2013


It seems a bit 'after the event' (seeing we made them back in early October) but I promised this post a while ago and hate to break a promise, so here are our chutney and jam making endeavours.

Because we had so much wonderful fruit growing in the orchard this year, we needed an outlet for it.......
we decided both Spicy Apple Chutney and Victoria Plum Jam were the answer. 

(above) various spices and peeled apples

  (above) chopped garlic 

  (above) fresh lemons for the spicy chutney

(above)  large cooking pot, thermometer, Victoria plums and sugar

 (above) testing the jam to see if it's thick enough

 ( above) jam jars filled and grease proof paper added.


Labels and white lids added.  Stored in the pantry ready for eating.  

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