Friday, 18 April 2014



Our magnolia tree is loving the April sun that we're having at the moment . It's in full bloom and so beautiful.  

Have a very happy Easter!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Still pondering over ideas for our kitchen renovations.  

Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration.  We're narrowing our searches and these are our latest thoughts...

 (photo from Lei living)
(above) Chosen for floating shelves, white walls, natural work surface and cooker hood.

 (photo from Maisonbelle)
(above) White drawers and natural wooden bits and pieces.

 (photo from Remodelista)
(above) Love the island.

  (photo from Stylizimo)
(above) Matt white drawers and natural unpolished granite work surface.

 (photo from Lightlocations)
(above) Flooring, stools and island.

  (photo from Remodelista)
(above) Island with stools - I'm slowly loosing the battle over no stools at an island but then having said that, I do like this look - so maybe I can be convinced we should have them?

  (photo from Aga)
This is the kitchen that we initially liked. Still love the deep drawers but now not sure about the wood effect - latest thinking is that white drawers would be better and possibly more practical.  What do you think?

Monday, 31 March 2014



(above) This is the bathroom as it was when we brought the house and before we changed it into an ensuite to the main bedroom.  What you're looking at is the north side of the house.

Our bedroom (main bedroom) is situated beside the right hand side wall. 

(above) Looking the other way.  The bathroom had a door in from the hall.  

There were two bathrooms in the house and funnily enough opposite each other. You can just see the other one through the door. We realised one of these bathrooms could be accessed from the main bedroom if we knocked a hole in the wall and add a door.  This would then make a great ensuite to our room.

(above) The bathroom was six stairs lower than the bedroom beside it.  This meant the existing ceiling needed to be removed and a new one (with lots of insulation) was added. You can see the ladder is stood up against the loft that we took out.

(above) The bathroom/ensuite is in the part of the house from the Regency period and probably built around 1840's. You can see the remains of a lathe and plaster ceiling, this was the traditional material for a period property of this age.  It was usually three coats of plaster onto timber lathes nailed or screwed to timber supports.

A bird's nest dangles from the ceiling.  I wonder how many years that was up there?

(above) Old floral wallpaper hidden behind the pine clad frame.

(above) This shows the original door into the bathroom/ensuite that was bricked up.

(above) This photo was taken standing on a platform looking south to where the original door was and now bricked up with grey breeze blocks.  The height of the ceiling would have been between the red bricks and where the plaster butted up too.

(above) Looking north again, the wall has been knocked through from our bedroom and the platform for the staircase has been installed.  The two windows on the left have been removed and plaster board has been added on the walls.

(above) This photo was taken in the same position looking down onto what will be the walk-in shower. It shows the glass frame in position, the drain, first fix for pipes, plaster board added and recess shelf.


The simple glass screen is secured into the floor; shower head and hose installed. The tiles around the shower and on the floor are tumbled marble.  They look more grey than in this photo - I will have to update with new ones. The remaining floor was raised allowing all drainage to be hidden underneath and a reclaimed wooden floor fitted then painted white.  

After much debate - should we have a reclaimed enamel bath or not - we chose an acrylic one with ball and claw feet, which made it easier to match to the white on the enameled toilet and sink.

This room has gone from a dark, cold and uninviting space to a light, airy room that is a pleasure to go into each day.

Friday, 28 March 2014


In the UK, the clocks go forward 1 hour at 1am on the last Sunday in March. That's this weekend.......yeah!
This means more daylight in the evenings and a longer day.  
Daffodils from the orchard.......have a happy weekend.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


A friend popped round today and brought us these gorgeous flowers.  They are in the kitchen on the trunk that sits with our white tub chairs.  

Thank you kind friend for adding this pop of colour to the room.

Friday, 14 March 2014


My very clever sister makes handmade pottery pots.  She was very kind to let us have this beauty....

It's sitting on the kitchen window sill with some gorgeous fresh basil in it.  I love the simple, rustic feel to the pot; the natural colour as well.

Have a happy weekend.