13 August 2015


 Adding a bit of colour to the main bedroom, in the form of a drying-out Allium. 

Grown in the garden this year and thinking it's far to beautiful to throw away, 
it now sits on the mantle piece in our bedroom. 

6 August 2015


The first time we came to this house, it was only me that wanted to see it.  

We'd all stayed at a friend's house for the night and were having lots of fun. In the morning we needed to leave early in order to arrive on time for our appointment. Our children had already seen a lot of houses and weren't happy with traipsing around another one. 

We debated for ages whether to cancel the viewing.... 

eventually we walked up the path to the front door, rang the bell and the door opened to this....

 Well, mostly this.  
(A green carpet was still down on the hall floor and the painting and wooden forks weren't there either). 

(below) Walking into the house and looking back at the front door, we saw this...

When I look at these photos now, I find it hard to imagine why we ALL fell so in love with this house. 
I knew the minute, I stood in the hall that I wanted to live here.
It seems that when you get that 'gut feeling' that something is right, 
it's hard to let go of it. This house was perfect for us and we had to have it.

It's easy to be impressed with a properties good points and completely overlook the amount of work that is needed to renovate it. Looking beyond what we could see, it was easy to see it's potential. 
The list of our 'wants' for a new home were easily matched and with great excitement three months later we moved in. 
This was only the beginning!

30 July 2015


Can you help me out with a dilemma...

do I paint this rocking chair in a dark grey or leave it as it is?

22 July 2015


In the cupboard (below) in the spare bedroom are a collection of 'things' that have been gained over many years. 'Things' that are still as important as the day they were bought, found or given to us....


Wooden 'Peace' sign from Emily Readett-Bayley - Handmade soap from Sara Maria Strand  

16 July 2015


The common foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) is one of my favourite flowers and suits an English country garden so well with it's grace and elegance.  It's stems are tall and stately, thrive in light shade and are known to attract bumblebees to the garden.


It's immaculate tubular flowers hang either side of the green stem, inside are tinged with speckled dots. They come in a variety of colours from purple, pinks through to white.

The foxglove's in our garden are in abundance this year. Conditions under an apple tree are favourable. There is adequate light and moisture. Foxgloves are biennial, producing flowers its second year. We have planted them two years running to have them next year as well, in the meantime, we must enjoy these ones this year.


9 July 2015


A closer look at some of the flowers in the garden....

This year has got to be best ever blooms we've seen from the flowers.

This has to be put down to healthier soil. We have worked hard these past few years to produce our own compost by recycling organic materials such as leaves, vegetable scraps and grass cuttings.  We've made a habit of adding compost to the soil each season because it's rich in nutrients and promotes soil microbes that aid plant growth. We are now seeing the benefits of our hard work.  

7 July 2015


It always surprises me when I come across a photo of the house as we originally saw it...
above is the garden beside the conservatory as it looks now and below is a photo taken on the day we moved into the house.

Quite a few changes have been made since that day!

The original porch (built in the 70's) has been demolished and a new one rebuilt with the door positioned in the middle and windows at the side. 
The trellis has been taken down. Luckily, the honeysuckle growing up it survived its move and is happy in its new position. 
Patio and steps up to the conservatory have been replaced with York stone.  
The horrible crumbly brick path that went around the conservatory, has been turfed with grass. 
The conservatory has had a complete re-vamp (you can read about it here). 
All windows have been replaced and updated. 
One of the main improvements to the look of the garden, is the very tired, worn concrete paths have had gravel added.  It helps soften the area plus neatens everything up.