21 March 2013


Our first project was the dining room. 

(after) Originally, there was a separate dining room with a door into the room from a corridor.

(before) A wall divided the dining room from a small, narrow and cramped corridor.  The corridor took us from the entrance hall at the front of the house ...

(before)to the kitchen at the back of the house. It had a window and a door.  The door opens into a porch, which goes into the rear garden.

(before)We believe the porch was added in the 70's by the previous owner.  It lacked any sympathy with the rest of the house and had to go!!! 

This lead us to our final plans.  Knock down the existing porch and add a new one (more about this later)..... take down the wall between dining room and corridor ..... this then creating a specious dining hall.

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