28 March 2013


The original porch at the back of the house, in our opinion, was cheaply added probably in the 70's and not in keeping with the rest of the house.  It had a large unsympathetic window facing north and an entrance door around the side.  The whole thing was very tired, worn and in need of a replacement.

above: The existing porch is circled. 

above: This drawing shows how the porch was entered via the door at the side, then through the main door into the corridor. The wall separating the dining room and the corridor was taken down allowing for the open dining hall that we now have.

above:  (after) You can see from this photo, that with the porch and main back door open, it goes into the dining room.

above: (after)The porch completed.  Our builders did a fantastic job with the brick work especially the arch above the door.  We hunted for the door at a local reclammation yard.  
Four panels were taken out and glass added.  This helps let in light. 

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