14 January 2016


The weather has changed and we're experiencing winter at last.  
It's cold outside but warm and cosy inside.

This area in the kitchen is lovely sit at, after a freezing cold walk.

Luckily, we have a wood burner to add extra heat if needed.

We inherited it from the previous owner, who installed it probably in the late 70's.  
To be honest, it's not my ideal looking burner.  I would prefer something at little more
contemporary but by saving money when we renovated the kitchen
we decided to keep it.

On cold days like today, it's very good at it's job.

Bought at an antiques fair about 25 years ago, the school trunk is in its original state. 
It works well as a table.  We're not precious about it, so if anything gets spilt or knocked on it, we don't worry about it at all. Great for putting your feet up on too!

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