2 October 2015


October is here and with that Autumn has arrived, luckily nice and slowly this year as we're still enjoying sunny days. 
It seems a time to reflect on what we've received from the garden and I'm amazed at how much we actually gain from it.  

There's always so many different varieties of apples...

gorgeous juicy eating apples,


to cooking apples (above), 
great for crumbles or stewed and used with muesli at breakfast.

Pears (above).  
Not the best crop this year but we still managed a few to eat.

Lots of tomatoes, grown in the vegetable plot.

even the odd blackberry or two.

In the greenhouse, there's a grape vine. 

 So many Mirabelle plums...

and an abundance of Victoria plums. 
Gorgeous, also stewed and used at breakfast.

The sweetest raspberries.  No need for sugar to be added! 

(if we're quick to get them before the squirrels do!!)

and lastly, a pumpkin which we'll pick for Halloween.

When everything is listed like this, I realise what lucky people we are to have all these free and organic harvests each year.

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