14 October 2014


BEFORE (kitchen)

This is our kitchen as it was when we moved in....fantastic potential, great size, appliances that were on their 'last legs' and a dated space that didn't reflect our personalities.  

(above) Standing in the middle of the room, looking west towards the utility room which is just through the door in the middle of the room.

Standing at the utility room door, looking east to the other side of the room.  

To the right is an Aga.... a very old one, which probably dates back to the early 70's.  
We've had lots of discussions about whether we should have it re-conditioned, enameled a different colour or do without it and sell it.

(above) Going back into the middle of the room and looking north, the door goes into the pantry. 

The pantry has shelves all around it, a small window and a spice rack fitted on the door. There is a slight step down from the kitchen into the room.  

At the end of the kitchen, there is a 'sitting area', which has a wood burner.

In the same area, is also a cupboard that we believe is original to the house when built. Roughly a year ago, it was decided to take out the wooden panels on the top cupboard doors and add glass. It made a tremendous difference to us. This was a lovely asset to the kitchen that was used for salad bowls, jugs and wine glasses etc etc.  We'll continue to use this cupboard in the same way. Underneath houses, gas meter, sewing machine and various other bits and bobs.

BEFORE (utility room)

Moving from the kitchen to the utility room, highlights the need for a major update in this room.  

There is a window facing north and door beside it to the garden outside.

Washing machine and tumble dryer are positioned in the middle of the room, with the sink the other side of them.

It's easier to understand the layout, standing with the garden behind, sink in front and domestic appliances the other side of the small brick wall. We initially thought the brick pillars were added to hold up the ceiling but further research showed that this was not the case allowing us to take them down.

Another view from the back door showing the brick pillars and mock beams.

(above) These two doors off the utility room access a toilet and large cupboard. 


(above) Both photos show the toilet and sink and painted brick walls.  When we first moved into the house six years ago, there was signs of damp on the walls.  This has now been 'treated' by Rentokil who provided us with an effective treatment that sorted the problem.


(above) First stage of the renovations , saw a window being knocked through from the south side of the house into the utility room. This was essential to the changes we were to make.  It meant more natural light into the utility room as it was a very dark room and an end to constantly having to put the light on when entering the room. 

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