23 July 2014


Everything has been stripped out of the kitchen and utility rooms. They are bare except for lots of dust and rubble. 
On the wall that the cooker was in front of, we found this...

Am I the only person to get excited about finding old wallpaper?


We believe it's from the 1940's, but would like to find out more information about it.  I've done some investigations myself, and found nothing specific.  If anybody has an idea of who produced it or what age it is, we'd be very interested to know.

Above is a detail of the carrots.

How glum do these fish look?

A closer look at the strawberries in a bowl and below the bowl in relationship to the bottles. I like the way the wooden shelves with chains interlink with each other and the various still life sits on them.

The closest wallpaper (below) similar to ours was found on The Vintage Galaxy It's described as beautiful antique piece of block printed wallpaper, hand printed dating back to the 1940's. 

The colours, style and printing technique are very similar to one found in our kitchen, obviously the subject is very different. 

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