10 March 2014


We're turning to the dark side........

and going blacker in the dining room.  

After buying nine chairs for the dining room at the local auction a few months ago, we've now restored them with black paint and upholstered the seats with old grain sacks that have a coordinated black stripe running through the centre.  It made perfect sense to then add two black pendant lights above the table that the chairs were to sit at.

Returning from Swinderby Antiques Fair today, we were so lucky to have found the exact light fittings we were after. (above) These are the two rather lovely enameled black industrial lights, 'hot off the press' salvaged from France yesterday. With no time for cleaning, the sellers rushed them to sell today. 

The one on the left has been washed and scrubbed by myself.  It shows the black enamel which is in perfect condition. The one on the right shows the underside of the other light which once washed, reveals the white enamel. It also shows the original light fitting, which we will have to adapt to English electrical specifications.

(above) The underside of one of the lights, in the sink being washed and cleaned.

A top tip for cleaning these enamel lights and anything like them  ...... is to use Fairy Snow washing powder.  It has magical properties, that seems to shift any amount of dirt. I'm forever grateful to the friend who suggested using it in the first place.

I will update this post, when these lights are in position above the dining room table. Fingers crossed, that should be soon.

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